I have worked with many individuals and different groups including schools and community groups. I am a qualified teacher and have worked with a diverse range of individuals including children of all ages and abilities (including SEN) and adults from young adults to elderly including individuals with healthcare or mobility issues.


I have been involved in a number of different projects including fashion shows, assisting in the production of external artworks and internal artworks including murals, etc. Projects that she has been involved in include Cutting loose Carnival (Newton Aycliffe) 2012, Newcastle Winter Carnival 2013, creation of external and internal artworks at Wolsingham Primary School, Chilton Community Primary School, Byerly Park Primary School, to name but a few. I have also been involved with the Colour you Life: Arts on Prescription Service in County Durham. I lead a number of family orientated creative sessions in a number of different centres including Greenfield Arts and the Pioneering Care Centre.


I work across the North East with different groups so if you have an idea for a project/artwork for your school/centre please don’t hesitate to contact Jillian using the contact form or call: 07824 556 827.

Would you like to pay it forward? This means donating so that someone else can join a course for free. I offer workshops and support through the Creative Minds program to vulnerable groups. If you would like to support this work you can pay it forward! To do this contact me via the contact page or call the number above.




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