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A Little Light in Winter


This new seasonal book is about spreading a little light this Christmas. Its about bringing hope and connecting with community even if we can't celebrate together.

Author's copies of this book come with a lantern making kit to light up your own window.

To order Author's copies +lantern making kit, please contact me via the link above. Title your message with order Author's Copy.

I Miss You Brown Bear


This book was written in the aftermath of Covid19 when children had lost or were separated from loved ones. I felt a book was needed to help children process this grief. In this book Millie looses her bear and she doesn't find him. She grieves for her loss and her brother Ali gives her ideas of things to do to help 'a little bit'. With the help of her brother eventually Millie can look back on her friendship with Brown Bear with a happy heart and not sadness. She can be thankful for the good times they had together.

This book is for any child who is missing someone they love. If a child has lost a loved one through Covid and would like a paperback book contact me or download a free copy.

If you would like to sponsor a gift set for a grieving child please donate via the link below.

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Can We Go Outside to Play? Not Today

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I wrote this book for my daughter during the Covid 19 lockdown. She was struggling to understand and it really helped her. I am offering it to other parents, hoping it might help them!

The characters are based on my children. Millie and Ali are bored during lockdown. Can they find something to do inside while the virus bug goes around?

Creative Activities to try during the school Holidays

Make a Magic Wand like Millie's or Download a colouring sheet!

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